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Jacques Herlin


Born - 17 August 1927, Paris, France
Died - 7 June 2014

Thin-faced French character actor who made close to 200 films in a career that spanned 60 years. The indefatigable Herlin (born Jacques De Jouette) died with his boots on, his last film still to be shown. Usually in droll roles, but sometimes also as priests, he had made his film debut back in the 1950s with And Your Sister (1958). After that the films poured out, sometimes at the rate of five a year: Boulevard (1960), The Girl with the Golden Eyes (1961), a first exposure to international audiences with Bava's Night is the Phantom (1963), Buffalo Bill - Hero of the Far West (1964), The 10th Victim (1965), For a Few Dollars More (1966), The Tiger and the Pussycat (1967), The Stranger (1967), Sexy Susan Sins Again (1968), Sexy Susan Knows How! (1970), Shaft in Africa (1973), Massacre in Rome (1973), The Diamond Peddlers (1976), War of the Robots (1978), The Salamander (1981), The Moon in the Gutter (1983), National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985), Chouans! (1988), Shadows of the Past (1991), Jefferson in Paris (1995), The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999), The Pharmacist (2003), A Good Year (2006), Hello, Goodbye (2008), Of Gods and Men (2010), Paris-Manhattan (2012) and Kaminsky and Me (2014), his last.