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Marie-France Pisier


Born - 10 May 1944, Da Lat, Vietnam
Died - 24 April 2011

Born in Vietnam (then Indo-China), where her father was a colonial governor, this small, pretty, very dark-haired actress was raised in New Caledonia until 1956, then Paris, where she started acting as a teenager, and entered films at 17 in Qui Ose Nous Accuser? She began attracting attention after Stolen Kisses (1967), and furthered her career with Feminin, Feminin (1971) and Celine and Julie Go Boating, which she also co-wrote. After winning a French Oscar for the romantic comedy Cousin Cousine (1975), she went to America, but her Hollywood career was less successful, notably with The Other Side of Midnight (1977) and French Postcards (1979) and she made most of her subsequent films in France. Those movies included Love on the Run/L'Amour en Fuite (1978), Chanel Solitaire (1981), Parking (1985), L'Oeuvre au Noire (1988), Le Bal du Gouverneur (1990, which marked her directorial debut), Seven Sundays (1994), Pourquoi Pas Moi? (1998), Comme un Avion (2002, which she also directed), Dans Paris (2006) and Il Reste du Jambon? (2010), her last. She was found dead in her swimming pool and was believed to have drowned.