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Catherine (also Kate, Katherine) Woodville


Born - 4 December 1934, Battersea, London, England
Died - 5 June 2013

Attractive, apple-cheeked, full-faced brunette English actress on stage and TV from the late 1950s. The second wife of actor Patrick Macnee, with whom she appeared in the first-ever episode of TV's cult series The Avengers, she later married Edward Albert, son of film star Eddie Albert, but he died from lung cancer in 2006. Her work is mostly on stage and TV but there were a few films, among them Clue of the New Pin (1961), The Wild and the Willing (1962), The Informers (1963), The Crooked Road (1964), The Party's Over (1965), The Brigand of Kandahar (1965), Black Gunn (1972), Posse (1975) and Where's Willie? (1978), her last. She died from cancer, survived by Macnee, now 91 and living in retirement in California.