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Virginia Leith


Born - 15 October 1925, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Died - 4 November 2019

Dark-haired, dark-eyed, full-lipped, low-voiced, sleek American actress of patrician good looks and slightly cool personality. Born Cora Virginia Leith, she was a latecomer to films, earning her living as a model until her late twenties. After her debut in Stanley Kubrick's first film, Fear and Desire (1952), she was signed by 20th Century-Fox and did well for them in dramas over the next few years, even though her contract was not renewed after 1956. Further credits include Here Come the Girls (1953), Black Widow (1954), Violent Saturday (1955), White Feather (1955), A Kiss Before Dying (1956), On the Threshold of Space (1956), Toward the Unknown/Brink of Hell (1956), Sing Boy Sing (1958) and the cult horror The Brain That Wouldn't Die, released in 1962 but filmed years earlier. Following a 15-year break that included marriage to and divorce from Canadian actor Donald Harron (the second of his four wives), she returned to TV and film work, including First Love (1977) and the trailblazing TV movie Battered (1978), before retirement in the 1980s.