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Christopher Jones


Born - 18 August 1941, Jackson, Tennessee, USA
Died - 31 January 2014

Dark-haired, boyishly handsome American actor who sprang to fame in his early twenties and was hailed as a discovery in the James Dean mould. But he had become disillusioned with the acting business by the time he was 30 and, also devastated by the murder of his friend Sharon Tate, gave up acting. He had sprung to attention as the western outlaw in the TV series The Legend of Jesse James, and was quickly starring in movies: Chubasco (1967), Three in the Attic (1968), Wild in the Streets (1968), The Looking Glass War (1969), A Brief Season (1969) and Ryan's Daughter (1970). Born William 'Billy' Jones, he made one further acting appearance, in Mad Dog Time (1996). Jones, who had seven children, died from gallbladder cancer complications. He married and divorced actress Susan Strasberg in the 1960s.