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Raul Ruiz


Born - 30 November -0001, Perto Montt, Chile
Died - 19 August 2011

Eccentric, experimental, innovative director whose labyrinthine films have won as many fans as detractors. Playing with absurdity and juggling with our imaginations, Ruiz tended to make up the rules as he went along, but his films, though often difficult, were always distinctive. Not surprisingly his absurdist, not to say surrealist approach made it difficult for him to get started. His early shorts, and indeed his first feature, El Tango del Viudo (1967) were often left unfinished. Among his completed features are Tres Triste Tigres (1968), La Colonia Penal (1971), Palomita Blanca (1973), Jeux/Games (1979), La Ville des Pirates (1983), a very idiosyncratic version of Treasure Island (1985), The Golden Boat (1990), Genealogies d'un Crime (1997) and Mysteries of Lisbon (2010), his last. He died from liver cancer.