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Rex Reason


Born - 30 November 1928, Berlin, Germany
Died - 21 November 2015

Tall, burly, cheerful-looking American actor with dark, wavy hair, whose career should have been more fruitful than it proved. He had the lead in his first film, but a major studio (Universal-International) took him up and seriously disrupted his career by changing his name to Bart Roberts, before belatedly allowing him to revert to the real one. They also used his rich baritone voice to narrate some of their movies. He had some success in TV with the series The Roaring Twenties, but he quit because of an aversion to guns, and became a real estate broker. Best remembered by buffs for his leading role in the sci-fi cult classic This Island Earth (1955), his films were surprisingly few, among them Storm Over Tibet (1951), Scaramouche (1952), Salome (1953), Eyes of the Skies (1953), The Big Heat (1953), Yankee Pasha (1954), Taza, Son of Cochise (1954), Kiss of Fire (1955), Smoke Signal (1955), Raw Edge (1956), The Creature Walks Among Us (1956), Band of Angels (1957), The Rawhide Trail (1958), The Sad Horse (1959) and The Miracle of the Hills (1959), his last. Reason, who was married to his third wife, Shirley, for 50 years, died from bladder cancer. His younger brother Rhodes Reason, also an actor, died last year.