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Dale Robertson


Born - 14 July 1923, Harrah, Oklahoma, USA
Died - 26 February 2013

Big, rugged, dark-haired leading man, mostly in westerns. A war hero who won the Purple Heart and Bronze and Silver Stars, he took up acting on discharge from the army, and was soon playing small Hollywood roles in such films as The Boy with Green Hair (1948), Johnny Belinda (1948) and The Girl from Jones Beach (1949). A good supporting role in Flamingo Road (1949) boosted his career, and he was moving towards star roles when signed by 20th Century-Fox, staying with them for five years: Fighting Man of the Plains (1949), The Cariboo Trail (1950), Golden Girl (1951), Lydia Bailey (1952), The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1952), City of Bad Men (1953), The Gambler from Natchez (1954), Sitting Bull (1954), Son of Sinbad (1955), Dakota Incident (1956), The Tall Trouble (1957), Anna of Brooklyn (1958), Law of the Lawless (1963), Blood on the Arrow (1964), The One-Eyed Soldiers (1966), East Connection (1970), the Legend of Machine Gun Kelly (1974) and many TV western series, including Tales of Wells Fargo and Iron Horse. His last feature work was the TV movie Wind in the Wire in 1993. The following year he retired to his Oklahoma ranch. The actress Mary Murphy was one of his five wives.