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Anthony Ray

Actor/assistant director

Born - 24 November 1937, Washington, DC, USA
Died - 29 June 2018

The son of director Nicholas Ray, darkly handsome 'Tony' appeared in a few films, including the lead in John Cassavetes' Shadows, before moving behind the camera until the early 1980s. Later he taught film and television in Maine, where he lived (and died). Movie appearances as an actor included The James Brothers (1957), Men in War (1957), Shadows (1958), A Cool Sound from Hell (1959), War Hunt (1962), We Shall Return (1963), Blood and Lace (1970) and The Spook Who Sat by the Door (1973), his last. Married for 14 years to actress Gloria Grahame, the first of his two wives. He died 'after a long illness'.