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Ben Cross


Born - 16 December 1947, Paddington, London, England
Died - 18 August 2020

Dark-haired, frequently unsmiling, hook-nosed, earnest-looking English actor, good-looking in a bony-featured kind of way, who had a hard climb to the top after leaving school at 15 and starting as a window-cleaner. A personable man with a forthright singing voice, Cross enrolled in RADA at 22 and sprang to the attention of casting directors with his performance in the London cast of the stage musical Chicago. Despite his success as the sprinter Harold Abrahams in the Oscar-winning Chariots of Fire (1981), his film career remained scattered until he settled into star character roles by the 1990s, sometimes as villains. Following the short The Reprieve (1972), he was seen in Great Expectations (1974), A Bridge Too Far (1977), Coming Out of the Ice (1982), The Assisi Underground (1984), The Unholy (1987), Paperhouse (1988), Eye of the Widow (1989), Live Wire (1992), Cold Sweat (1993), The Ascent (1994), First Knight (1995), The Invader (1996), Corporate Ladder (1997), The Venice Project (1999), Young Blades (2000), The Order (2001), She, Me and Her (2002), Exorcist: the Beginning (2004), The Russian Specialist (2005), Zombies (2006), Species: The Awakening (2007), War, Inc. (2008), Star Trek (2009), Jack the Giant Killer (2012), Lily and the Magic Pearl (2015), The Hurricane Heist (2018), The Rest is Ashes (2019) and The Last Letter from Your Lover (2020). He died from cancer in Vienna a few days after finishing work on The Devil's Light, to be released in 2021. His third wife Deyana and two children from a previous marriage survive him.