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Antonio Pica


Born - 21 March 1931, Cadiz, Spain
Died - 26 April 2014

An oil-rig technician who came to movies by chance, Pica, born Antonio Pica Serrano, enjoyed a fruitful 15 years playing impassive, steely-eyed 'black hats' in spaghetti westerns, and character roles in horror films, before returning to his work on oil rigs. After retiring from this, he returned to acting. Following a debut in The Fall of the Roman Empire (1963), Pica made A Fistful of Dollars (1964), Code Name: Jaguar (1965), Django Kill (1966), Bandidos! (1967), Witch Without a Broom (1967), Satanik (1968), A Bullet for Sandoval (1969), A Bullet for Rommel (1969), Sin un Adios (1970), Delusions of Grandeur (1971), Travels With My Aunt (1972), Vengeance of the Zombies (1973), House of Psychotic Women (1974), Mark of Zorro (1975) and The Mystery of the Black Pearl (1976). Much later, he played the title role in The Cockroach (2012), his last.