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Julia Lockwood


Born - 23 August 1941, Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Died - 24 March 2019

Blonde, lean-featured daughter of UK superstar Margaret Lockwood. In films as a child, she attracted leading roles as a teenager, but her acting career never really blossomed. Born Margaret Julia de Leon, and nicknamed Toots, she made a precocious debut in her mother's films Hungry Hill (1946) and The White Unicorn (1947). She played Heidi in two TV mini-series, then appeared in the films The Flying Eye (1955), My Teenage Daughter (1956), The Solitary Child (1958), Please Turn Over (1959) and No Kidding (1960), her last. There was some stage and television work before she married the much-older character actor Ernest Clark and retired to raise what turned out to be three children. Clark died in 1994 and, later, his widow was an extra in the short film Keep Going in 2013. She died from pneumonia.