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Jean-Louis Trintignant


Born - 11 December 1930, Piolenc, France
Died - 17 June 2022

Quiet, introspective, slightly fretful-looking French actor with dishevelled dark hair. A romantic figure in his wryly Gallic way, Trintignant, who threw up a legal career to turn to acting, became a star in his first year in French films, later enjoying international hits, none more so than Un Homme et Une Femme (1966), to which he made a sequel 20 years later. He also had some notable romances of his own, including a much-publicised fling with Brigitte Bardot. His first wife was actress Stephane Audran, his second the director Nadine Trintignant. In his later years, he received fresh acclaim for his poignant performance in Amour (2012). Well in excess of 100 film appearances included those in Race for Life (1955), And Woman...Was Created (1956), Violent Summer (1958), The Battle of Austerlitz (1959), The Seven Deadly Sins (1961), Chateau en Suede (1963), Mata Hari - Agent H-21 (1964), The Sleeping Car Murders (1965), A Curious Way to Love (1967), Z (1969), Le Voyou/Simon the Swiss (1970), Plot (1972), The French Way (1973), Flic Story (1975), Le Desert des Tartares (1976), The Lifeguard (1978, and directed), Melancholy Baby (1979), Boulevard des Assassins (1982), Vivement Dimanche!/Finally Sunday! (1983), Partir, Revenir (1985), Le Moutachu/The Field Agent (1987), Bunker Palace Hotel (1989), Merci La Vie (1991), See How They Fall (1993), Trois Couleurs: Rouge (1993), Tykho Moon (1996), Ceux Qui m'aiment Prendront le Train (1998), Janis et John (2003), Stranger Than Fiction (2006), Happy End (2017) and The Best Years of a Life (2019), his last. Survived by his third wife Marianne, he died from natural causes.