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William Finley


Born - 20 September 1942, New York City, USA
Died - 14 April 2012

Goggle-eyed, eager-looking, gangling (6ft 4in), eccentric character actor with shaggy light brown hair, a favourite of director Brian De Palma, in whose early short Woton's Wake (1962), a 19-year-old Finley made his movie debut. For the same director, he made The Wedding Party (1966), Murder a la Mod (1967), Blood Sisters (1972), Phantom of the Paradise (1974, a career highlight in the title role) and The Fury (1978). And there were few smiles in his other films, which included Dionysus (1970), Death Trap (1977), The Funhouse (1981), Silent Rage (1982), Double Negative (1985) and Night Terrors (1995), returning to De Palma for The Black Dahlia (2006), his last.