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Harry Belafonte


Born - 1 March 1927, New York City, USA
Died - 25 April 2023

Strikingly handsome American singer/actor - partially raised in Jamaica - with mellifluous light voice (although he didn't do his own singing in one of the his biggest hits, Carmen Jones). Despite the occasional starring role in films - one of them seeing him as the first actor of colour to woo a white actress on screen - he remained principally a music star, having several worldwide hits with his calypso-style ballads. Film appearances include those in Bright Road (1953), Carmen Jones (1954), Island in the Sun (1957), The World, the Flesh and the Devil (1959), Odds Against Tomorrow (1959), The Angel Levine (1970), Buck and the Preacher (1972), Uptown Saturday Night (1974), First Look (1989), The Player (1992), Pret-a-Porter (1994), White Man's Burden (1995), Kansas City (1996), Swing Vote (1999), Breathe (2005), Bobby (2006) and BlacKkKlansman (2018), his last. He died from congestive heart failure. The actress Shari Belafonte is one of his four children.