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Nancy Davis (Reagan)


Born - 6 July 1921, New York City, USA
Died - 6 March 2016

Slim-faced, dark-haired American actress who moved quickly into leading roles after a film debut in her late twenties, but never quite became a marquee name. She became much better known to the public, however, when she became Ronald Reagan's second wife in 1952, becoming First Lady when he won the Presidency in 1980. Born Anne Robbins, she was taken up by MGM (following theatre work), who knocked three years off her age in publicity and put her into a series of semi-leading roles: the Doctor and the Girl (1949), East Side, West Side (1949), Shadow on the Wall (1950), The Next Voice You Hear (1950), It's a Big Country (1951), Night into Morning (1951), Talk About a Stranger (1952) and Shadow in the Sky (1952). Freelancing, she also made Donovan's Brain (1953), the iconic TV drama Bailout at 43,000 Feet (1955), Hellcats of the Navy (1957) and Crash Landing (1958), her last. She died from congestive heart failure.