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Born - 10 June 1918, Paris, France
Died - 30 April 2015

Cheerful, charismatic, light-haired French cabaret singer who began a second career in the mid 1980s as an elderly character actress. In post-war years, the singer, born Henriette Ragon, opened a nightclub in Paris called Patachou and gradually became known by that name. She had made a few early film appearances, mostly in cameos as a chanteuse: Jouons le Jeu (1952), Femmes de Paris (1953), French Cancan (1954) and Napoleon (1955). Films as a character player include Faubourg St Martin (1986), La Rumba (1987), La Champignon des Carpathes (1990), Wild Target (1993), Pola X (1999), The Adventures of Felix (2000), Belphegor - Phantom of the Louvre (2001) and San Antonio (2003), her last.