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Jane Withers

Child star/actress

Born - 12 April 1926, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Died - 7 August 2021

Dark-haired, pudge-faced, multi-talented American child star, the contemporary and antithesis of Shirley Temple. While Shirley charmed and do-gooded, Jane howled, scratched and kicked and was generally awful. Singing and dancing at three, when she was billed as Dixie's Dainty Dewdrop, Withers suffered from tragedy in her later years, her second husband being killed a plane crash and a son, one of her five children, dying from cancer at 33. On screen at six, she made Handle With Care (1932), Zoo in Budapest (1933), Bright Eyes (1934), Imitation of Life (1934), The Farmer Takes a Wife (1935), the title role in Ginger (1935), Little Miss Nobody (1936), the title role in Pepper (1936), The Holy Terror (1937), the title role in Checkers (1937), Always in Trouble (1938), Chicken Wagon Family (1939), Girl from Avenue A (1940), A Very Young Lady (1941), Young America (1942), The North Star (1943), My Best Gal (1944), Affairs of Geraldine (1946), Danger Street (1947), Giant (1956), The Heart is a Rebel (1958), The Right Approach (1961) and Captain Newman MD (1963), her last, although in more recent times she did extensive voiceover work for the Disney studio.