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Jacqueline Pagnol


Born - 6 October 1920, Malakoff, France
Died - 22 August 2016

Long-faced, fair-haired French star, often seen in films by her husband, writer-director Marcel Pagnol, and movies starring comedian Fernandel. Frequently playing free-spirited women, she was born Jacqueline Bouvier, the same name as President Kennedy's wife, and made her earlier films under that name: La Maison des Sept Jeunes Filles (1942), Les Ailes Blanches (1943), Adieu Leonard (1943), Service de Nuit (1944) and Nais (1945). She married Pagnol in that year (he died in 1974) and resumed work in films only after the birth of their son: Le Belle Meuniere (1948), Vedettes en Liberte (1949), Topaze (1950), Adhemar (1951), Manon des Sources (1952), Carnaval (1953) and A Terror With Women (1956), her last.