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Sarita Montiel


Born - 10 March 1928, Campo de Criptana, Spain
Died - 8 April 2013

Dark-haired, full-lipped, determined-looking Spanish beauty, originally a singer, but also an actress from the age of 16. Often billed as Sara in Spanish-language films, she was born Maria Fernandez, and also had a brief Hollywood career; while she was there, she married the first of her four husbands, director Anthony Mann, but, fearing typecasting, declined a Hollywood contract and returned to movies in Mexico and her native Spain. It was here that she had made her film debut in 1944 with Te Quiero Para Mi (1944), and her reputation with The Mad Queen (1948, billed for the first time as Sarita). Hollywood saw her in That Man from Tangier (1950), Captain Poison (1951) and Ella, Lucifer y Yo (1953) and cast her opposite Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster in the western Vera Cruz (1954). She also made Serenade (1956, directed by Mann on a break from James Stewart westerns) and Run of the Arrow (1957). Later Spanish-language films included La Bella Lola (1962, a version of Camille), Casablanca, Nest of Spies (1963), Tuset Street (1967), Varietes (1971), Cinco Almahadas para una Noche (1974) and, after a long break, Abrazame (2011), her last.