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Turhan Bey


Born - 30 March 1920, Vienna, Austria
Died - 30 September 2012

Suave, black-haired, dark-eyed, moustachioed actor of Turkish-Czech parentage and exotically handsome, round-faced features. Coming to America as a youth, Bey (born Turhan Schultavey) enrolled in Pasadena Playhouse in his late teens, and was spotted there for films at 21, soon becoming cast as smooth, sometimes faintly sinister lotharios. After beginnings in low-budget crime yarns, he was promoted to star roles in the opulent 'Arabian Nights'-style Technicolor adventures which became popular in the war years. Following a debut in Footsteps in the Dark (1941), he became furiously busy: The Gay Falcon (1941), Raiders of the Desert (1941), Bombay Clipper (1942), Drums of the Congo (1942), Arabian Nights (1942), White Savage (1943), The Mad Ghoul (1943), Dragon Seed (1944), Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves (1944), The Climax (1944), Sudan (1945), Frisco Sal (1945), A Night in Paradise (1946 - the last of his 'exotic' films before army service), The Spiritualist (1948), Adventures of Casanova (1948), Song of India (1949) and Prisoners of the Casbah (1953). Leaving movies, he became a commercial photographer. Much later, he returned for a few elderly cameos - among them Healer (1994) and Grid Runners (1997), as well as becoming popular as Turval in the Babylon 5 TV series of the late 1990s. He was exactly 92 and a half when he died from Parkinson's Disease.