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Sherman Hemsley


Born - 12 February 1938, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Died - 24 July 2012

Small, balding, moustachioed actor, usually in comedy roles. And he played a character he originated in TV's All the Family, George Jefferson, in five different TV series. His film career, which didn't materialise until he had passed 40, didn't quite have the same impact, although 'Weezy', as he was known, performed in quite a few: Love at First Bite (1979), Ghost Fever (1987), Club Fed (1990), Mr Nanny (1993), Home of Angels (1994), The Misery Brothers (1995), Jane Austen's Mafia! (1998, again as George Jefferson), Screwed (2000) and For the Love of a Dog (2008), his last. He died from superior vena cava syndrome, a complication of lung cancer.