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David Soul


Born - 28 August 1943, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died - 4 January 2024

Tall, youthful-looking American actor and singer with a mass of silky fair hair. Huge popularity as one half of the hip crime-fighting duo Starsky and Hutch led to leading film roles, but big success on the cinema screen evaded him. Born David Solberg, his recording career was more successful with several major hits. Films include The Secret Sharer (1967), Johnny Got His Gun (1971), Magnum Force (1973), The Long Christmas Dinner (1975), The Stick Up (1977), Dogpound Shuffle (1979), Rage! (1980), Blood Debts (1985), The Hanoi Hilton (1987), Appointment with Death (1988), In the Cold of the Night (1990), Tides of War (1991), Pentathlon (1994), Vents Contraire (1995), Tabloid (2001), Starsky & Hutch (2004), Puritan (2005), That Deadwood Feeling (2008), Farewell (2009) and Filth (2013), his last. Five times married, he had five children. Spent much of the latter portion of his life living and working in England, and became a UK citizen in 2004. Latterly suffered from both lung cancer and chronic obstructive lung disease.