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Don Borisenko


Born - 22 May 1939, Longbranch, Ontario, Canada
Died - 12 April 2014

Light-haired, ingenuous-looking Canadian actor who was fairly prominent for a while in the 1960s, but faded from the limelight after walking off the set of The Dirty Dozen in 1967. Acting as a teenager, he made his debut in the 1958 Canadian film Now That April's Here. For a while he flourished: The Fast Ones/Ivy League Killers (1959), During One Night (1960), The Hired Gun (1961), Nine Hours to Rama (1963), Genghis Khan (1965) and The Psychopath (1966). In the 1970s, he changed his name to Jonas Wolfe and appeared in Black Gunn (1972) and An Investigation of Murder (1973), but soon left acting to open a music club and, in his spare time, concentrate on painting and sculpting.