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Moira Orfei

Actress/circus performer

Born - 21 December 1931, Codroipo, Italy
Died - 15 November 2015

Tall, very dark-haired, full-lipped, beautiful Italian star of regal bearing who for more than a decade maintained dual careers - as a circus star and a leading lady in mainly muscleman film epics. Born Miranda Orfei and from a family of circus performers, she worked under the family big top from an early age, as aerialist, acrobat, trick rider and trainer of elephants and doves. TV appearances led to her becoming a popular pin-up heroine of action epics: Under 10 Flags (1960), Queen of the Pirates (1960), The Giants of Thessaly (1960), Ursus (1961), Ursus in the Valley of the Lions (1961), Kerim, Son of the Sheik (1962), The Defeat of the Barbarians (1962), Samson and the Slave Queen (1963), The Hero of Babylon (1963), Terror of the Steppes (1964), Samson and the Mighty Challenge (1964), Casanova 70 (1965), The Birds, the Bees and the Italians (1966), Kill Me With Kisses (1968), Scent of a Woman (1973), Dracula in Brianza (1975), Arrivano i Bersaglieri (1980), Vacanze di Natale '90 (1990) and Christmas in India (2003), her last. From 1962 she also ran her own circus. Her cousin Liana Orfei was also a leading actress and circus performer. She died from cancer.