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Alex Cord


Born - 3 March 1933, Long Island, New York, USA
Died - 9 August 2021

Tall, tanned, taciturn, moustachioed American leading man, on TV from 1960 under his real name, Alex Viespi. A few years later, as Alex Cord, he was catapulted into lead parts with the John Wayne role in the 1966 remake of Stagecoach. For a while he prospered as dour action heroes, perhaps attaining his greatest fame as the co-star in more than 50 episodes of the TV series Airwolf. Film credits include The Chapman Report (1961), Get Off My Back/Synanon (1965), Dead or Alive (1967), The Brotherhood (1968), Stiletto (1969), The Last Grenade (1970), The Tell-Tale Heart (1971), The Dead Are Alive! (1972), Chosen Survivors (1974), Inn of the Damned (1975), Sidewinder 1 (1976) and Grayeagle (1977). Later he reappeared in gruff character roles: Jungle Warriors (1984), Uninvited (1987), Street Asylum (1989), A Girl to Kill For (1990), Joey Takes a Cab (1991), Roots of Evil (1992), To Be the Best (1993), Hologram Man (1995), Air Rage (2001) and Fire from Below (2009), his last. British-born Hollywood actress Joanna Pettet was the first of his two wives.