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Norman Thaddeus Vane


Born - 7 July 1928, Brookhaven, New York, USA
Died - 2 May 2015

Horse-headed American-born writer-director, playwright and sometime nightclub owner, who relocated to London in his early thirties and directed two second-features there, Conscience Bay (1960) and The Fledglings (1964). Born Norman Theodore Vein, he concentrated after that on his career as a writer, including the screenplays for Lola (1970) and Shadow of the Hawk (1976). Returning to direction in his fifties, he turned out films largely of an exploitative nature, including Frightmare (1983), The Black Room (1984), Club Life (1986), Midnight (1989), Taxi Dancers (1993) and You're So Dead (2007), his last. He died from heart failure.