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Ken Berry


Born - 3 November 1933, Moline, Illinois, USA
Died - 1 December 2018

Bothered-looking, dark-haired American comedy star with quizzical eyebrows, who began life as a singer and dancer, but developed into a poor man's Dean Jones, an actor he followed into the Disney studio for a couple of broad comedies. Films were few, however, and he was much busier on TV, notably as the hapless commander of F Troop and in countless TV movies with such titles as Wake Me When the War is Over. For the big screen, he made Two for the Seesaw (1962), The Lively Set (1964), Hello Down There (1969), Herbie Rides Again (1973), Guardian of the Wilderness (1976) and The Cat from Outer Space (1978), his last. He continued appearing in TV comedy series until 1999. He died from heart problems.