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Lisa Daniely


Born - 4 June 1927, Reading, Berkshire, UK
Died - 24 January 2014

Raven-haired, full-lipped leading actress of English/French parentage, born Elizabeth Boddington. She attracted attention with the starring role in her first film, Lilli Marlene (1950) but, though her looks seemed to fit her for exotic roles, much of the rest of her film career was spent in black-and-white second features. In the 1970s, she reverted to acting under her real name, albeit spelling Boddington with one 'd'. Her other films included Hindle Wakes (1952), The Wedding of Lilli Marlene (1953), Tiger by the Tail (1955), The Man in the Road (1956), The Tommy Steele Story (1957), The Vicious Circle (1957), High Jump (1959), The Man Who Was Nobody (1960), Two Wives at One Wedding (1961), The Lamp in Assassin Mews (1962), Curse of Simba/Curse of the Voodoo (1964) and Stranger in the House (1967), then an enormous amount of TV and stage work until Souvenir (1989) and the TV movie Princess in Love (1996), her last. She married the actor Grey Blake, but he died in 1971.