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Corey Haim


Born - 23 December 1971, Toronto, Canada
Died - 10 March 2010

Troubled young actor, a teenage semi-star with fuzzy fair hair and very boyish looks - one of the 'two Coreys'; the other was Corey Feldman - in showbiz since childhood, and at the peak of his popularity in the 1980s. He made his debut in Firstborn (1984), and came to prominence with Secret Admirer (1985), Silver Bullet (1985), The Lost Boys (1987) and License to Drive (1988). But he never became a marquee name, and, although he kept busy, his films after 1990 often went straight to video. There were minor brushes with the law, and stories of drug addiction. He began working in films again in 2007 after a five-year break, and made Universal Groove (2007), Crank 2: High Voltage (2009), and the sadly appropriately-named American Sunset (2010), his last. He died from lung damage and pneumonia.