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Jerry Maren


Born - 24 April 1920, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Died - 24 May 2018

Genial dwarf actor, the last surviving adult Munchkin from The Wizard of Oz. Unlike most of the other 'little people' in the film, Maren sustained an acting career over several decades. After a debut in The Terror of Tiny Town in 1938, he was 'Little Professor Atom' in the Marx Brothers" At the Circus (1939). Down the years, he could also be spotted in The Golden Fleecing (1940), Maisie Was a Lady (1941), Fingers at the Window (1942), Flesh and Fantasy (1943), Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1944), An Angel Comes to Brooklyn (1945), Three Wise Fools (1946), Are You With It? (1948), Samson and Delilah (1949), Superman and the Mole-Men (1951), then a break for TV work, before Planet of the Apes (1967), Hello, Dolly! (1969), Bigfoot (1970), Outlaw Riders (1971), Little Cigars (1973), Movie Movie (1975), The Bad News Bears Go to Japan (1978), Where the Buffalo Roam (1980), Under the Rainbow (1981), The Being (1983), House (1985), Spaceballs (1987), The Great Outdoors (1988), Frankenstein Rising (2000), his last, and others. Suffered from dementia in his last years.