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Peter Hammond


Born - 15 November 1923, London, England
Died - 12 October 2011

Lanky, eager-looking actor with fresh face and fair, tousled hair, often seen as naive young men under fire, who intended a career in stage design after attending art school, but broke into acting roles instead. Later he became a hard-working director on popular TV series. Born Peter Hammond Hill, his debut came in a tiny role in Waterloo Road (1944). Later he mingled series characters with comedy and drama: They Knew Mr Knight (1945), Holiday Camp (1947), Fly Away Peter (1948), Here Come the Huggetts (1948), Vote for Huggett (1948), Helter Skelter (1949), Fools Rush In (1949), The Huggetts Abroad (1949), Morning Departure (1950) and The Reluctant Widow (1950). Despite being billed beneath Jack Hawkins and Dennis Price, he had effectively the leading role in The Adventurers (1951), but it hardly led to better things: Come Back Peter (1952, a sequel to the 1948 film), Father's Doing Fine (1952), Alf's Baby (1953), The Crowded Day (1954), the doomed Alan in Confession (1955), It's Never Too Late (1956), X the Unknown (1956), The Secret Tent (1956) and Model for Murder (1959), his last. From 1960, he worked as director of such TV series as The Avengers and, more recently, Inspector Morse. He also directed the films Spring and Port Wine (1969) and The Phantom Kid (1977). His wife, actress Maureen Glynne, died in 2005.