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Peter Halliday


Born - 13 June 1924, Llangollen, Denbighshire, Wales
Died - 23 February 2012

Dark, good-looking, taciturn Welsh actor whose best-remembered role is that of John Fleming, in the TV sci-fi series A for Andromeda (1961), opposite Julie Christie, and its sequel series, The Andromeda Breakthrough, now opposite Susan Hampshire, in 1962. He had one leading role in films, in the low-budget thriller Dilemma (1962), but his film career was largely a thing of bits and pieces, although, busy on stage and especially in TV, he was rarely out of work. His film career had begun with the 'Scotland Yard' featurette Fatal Journey (1954) and was sporadic thereafter: High Flight (1957), Dunkirk (1958), Night Creatures/Captain Clegg (1962), Calamity the Cow (1967), Sunday, Bloody Sunday (1971), The Fast Kill (1972), Madhouse (1974), Keep It Up Downstairs (1976), Giro City (1982), The Remains of the Day (1993), Night Flight (2002) and Lassie (2005), his last. He married and divorced the actress Simone Lovell. One source suggests he was born in 1922.