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Joan Taylor


Born - 18 August 1928, Geneva, Illinois, USA
Died - 5 March 2012

Dark, strong-featured American actress, busy in the 1950s when she was seen as a variety of science-fiction heroines and Indian maidens. Born Rose Marie Emma (one of her earlier films would ironically be the 1954 remake of Rose Marie), she was plucked from acting lessons with the Pasadena Playhouse at 20 and given the second female lead in the 'A' Randolph Scott western, Fighting Man of the Plains (1949). Subsequent films included being hideously disfigured in the short Last Date (1950), then On Dangerous Ground (1951), The Savage (1952), Off Limits/Military Policemen (1952), War Paint (1953), Fort Yuma (1955), Apache Woman (1955), Girls in Prison (1956), Earth vs the Flying Saucers (1956), War Drums (1956), 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957), then into a multitude of TV series. Her last film appearance was a cameo in Split (1989). She also wrote teleplays and novels.