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Christian Roberts


Born - 17 March 1944, Southmoor, Berkshire, England
Died - 26 December 2022

Slim, brown-haired English actor in aggressive roles. Briefly in vogue in British and international films of the late 1960s, he drifted away from acting in the mid 1980s, and later went to Barbados, where he ran a hotel and restaurant. After a notable debut in To Sir, With Love (1966), he made The Anniversary (1967), Twisted Nerve (1968), The Desperados (1969), The Mind of Mr Soams (1970), The Adventurers (1970), (1971), Timanfaya (1973) and the short films Put Yourself in My Place (1974) and Short Ends (1976), his last film work. Survived by Christine, his wife of the past 49 years, he died from cancer.