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Shirley Mitchell


Born - 4 November 1919, Toledo, Ohio, USA
Died - 11 November 2013

Light-haired, long-nosed American actress with raucous laugh, mainly in comedy roles on radio and TV. Occasional films included Jamboree (1944), The Clown (1952), His Other Woman/Desk Set (1957), Too Much, Too Soon (1958), Because They're Young (1960), My Blood Runs Cold (1965), the TV movie The Couple Takes a Wife (1972), Summer Camp Nightmare (1987) and The War of the Roses (1989), her last. Mitchell, who died from heart failure, married composer and lyricist Jay Livingston, who died in 2001. Her early credits are sometimes confused with those of British actress Shirley Mitchell, active in UK cinema in post-war years.