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Anne Wiazemsky


Born - 14 May 1947, Berlin, Germany
Died - 5 October 2017

Dark-haired, childlike German-born actress in French films, a muse for such nouvelle vague directors as Robert Bresson and Jean-Luc Godard, the latter of whom she married. Born Anna Vyazemskaya, she made her debut at 19 as the girl with a pet donkey on Au Hasard, Balthasar. Further credits include La Chinoise (1967), Week-End (1967), Theorem (1968), Les Gauloises Blues (1969), Vent d'Est/Wind from the East (1970), Vladimir and Rosa (1971), Tout Va Bien (1972), Le Retour d'Afrique (1973), The Extradition (1975), Mon Coeur est Rouge (1976), Couleur Chair (1978), L'Enfant Secret (1979), Grenouilles (1983), Rendez-Vous (1985) and Foreign City/Ville Etrangere (1988), her last before she opted for a writing career, penning several novels and an autobiography. She was divorced from Godard in 1979 after 12 years, and did not remarry. She died from breast cancer.