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Louise Currie


Born - 7 April 1913, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Died - 8 September 2013

The last surviving member of the cast of Citizen Kane (1941), this beautiful, light-haired, firm-jawed, drama-school trained actress is best remembered as the heroine of B films throughout the 1940s, notably a couple of low-budget cult horror films. Born Louise Gunter and a relative latecomer to films, she made her debut in Rulers of the Sea (1939), keeping busy through the war years and beyond: Billy the Kid's Gun Justice (1940), You'll Find Out (1940), Look Who's Laughing (1941), the serial Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941), Stardust on the Sage (1942), The Ape Man (1943), Forty Thieves (1944), Voodoo Man (1944), Love Letters (1945), Gun Town (1945), Wild West (1946), The Crimson Key (1947), The Chinese Ring (1947), And Baby Makes Three (1949) and Queen for a Day (1951), her last, although she continued acting on TV until the late 1950s. Three times married. Perhaps not surprisingly, she outlived her second and third husbands, to become one of Hollywood's rare centenarians.