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Paquita Rico


Born - 13 October 1929, Triana, Seville, Spain
Died - 9 July 2017

Glamorous, porcelain-featured, dark-haired Spanish actress, a star in her own country, but little known to English-speaking audiences apart from her leading role in the Hammer 'paella western' The Savage Guns. Hammer gave her three Hollywood leading men in Richard Basehart, Don Taylor and Alex Nicol, but the film was not a success, and she returned to Spanish features. Born Francisca Rico Martinez, she was into leading roles as a teenager: Manolete (1948), Ole Torero! (1949), La Virgen Gitana (1951), Malvaloca (1954), Love in Jamaica (1957), Viva Lo Imposible! (1958), Donde Vas, Alfonso XII? (1959), Candelaria (1962), The Savage Guns (1962), Las Otonales (1964) and El Taxi de Los Conflictos (1969). Much later, she appeared in El Cid Cabreador (1983), her last. She was married to her second husband for 34 years until his death in 2002. Her first husband, a bullfighter, committed suicide. She died from age-related complications.