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Julie Harris


Born - 2 December 1925, Grosse Point, Michigan, USA
Died - 24 August 2013

Plainish - 'I always thought it would be wonderful to wake up one morning and look like Brigitte Bardot' - sad-looking Broadway superstar with reddish-brown hair, noted for sensitive roles that plumbed emotional depths. On stage from the late 1940s, she achieved star status with The Member of the Wedding, a performance that won her (surprisingly) only Oscar nomination when she repeated it in the 1952 film version. Difficult to cast in movies, she continued to flirt with the medium through the years: East of Eden (1954), I Am a Camera (1955), The Truth About Women (1957), Sally's Irish Rogue (1959), Requiem for a Heavyweight/Blood Money (1962), The Haunting (1963), The Moving Target (1966), The Split (1968), The People Next Door (1970), The Hiding Place (1974), Voyage of the Damned (1976), The Bell Jar (1979), Bronte (1983), Gorillas in the Mist (1988), HouseSitter (1992), The Dark Half (1993), Bad Manners (1997), The First of May (1999), The Way Back Home (2006) and The Lightkeepers (2009), her last. Four times married and divorced, she died from congestive heart failure.