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Georgina Cookson


Born - 19 December 1918, Megavissey, Cornwall, UK
Died - 1 October 2011

Tawny-haired supporting actress - an expert at upper-class bitches, probably now best remembered by film fans as Terry-Thomas's wife in The Naked Truth (1957), one of the few films in which she received star billing. Although mainly a TV and stage personality, Cookson, born Antoinette Georgina Cookson, made her film debut relatively early, in George Formby's latter-day comedy I Didn't Do It (1945). Subsequent film appearances included Woman Hater (1948), Solution by Phone (1954), A Question of Adultery (1958), The Shakedown (1960), The Girl on the Boat (1961), Live Now - Pay Later (1962), Woman of Straw (1964), a rare leading role in Catacombs (1965), Darling... (1965), Walk a Crooked Path (1969) and Within and Without (1970), her last. She continued to work in other media for many years until she retired to Australia, where she died.