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Hywel Bennett


Born - 8 April 1944, Garnant, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Died - 25 July 2017

Cherubic, fair-haired Welsh actor who made his debut on TV in an episode of Doctor Who, then co-starred with Hayley Mills in two films that made him a star name. After a career lull, he came back into the limelight from 1979 in six seasons of the TV series Shelley, as a self-confessed educated layabout. Film roles included those in The Family Way (1966), Twisted Nerve (1968), The Virgin Soldiers (1969), Loot (1970), Percy (1971), Endless Night (1972), The Love Ban (1973), Murder Elite (1985), Witness in the War Zone (1987), A Mind to Kill (1991), Deadly Advice (1994), Misery Harbour (1999), Vatel (2000) and One for the Road (2003), his last. TV presenter Cathy McGowan was the first of his two wives. Christian name pronounced Hugh'll.