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Margit Saad


Born - 30 May 1929, Munich, Germany
Died - 7 August 2023

Tall, sleek, German-born actress of Lebanese parentage, with cropped blonde hair, who started her career as a model. Though most of her films were made in Germany, she came to international attention with a few decent roles in British movies from the late 1950s. Her films include Eva Erbt des Paradies (1951), The Gypsy Baron (1954), If All the Guys in the World... (1956), The Chasers (1959), The Criminal (1960), The Rebel (1961), Playback (1962), Red Dragon (1965), I Deal in Danger (1966), The Magnificent Two (1967) and The Last Escape (1968), her last. She returned to Germany to direct documentaries and TV movies. Her husband, director and costume designer Jean-Pierre Ponnelle, died in 1988.