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Stanley Long


Born - 26 November 1933, Lambeth, London, England
Died - 10 September 2012

British jack-of-all-trades whose 'Adventures' comedies - bawdier versions of the 'Carry On' films - drew a certain audience in droves in the 1970s. Beginning his career as a magazine photographer, Long had moved into films by the late 1950s - his first as cinematographer was the documentary short River Pilot in 1959. But he had soon moved on to sexploitation romps, which he later sometimes wrote and produced as well. His first feature film as director was the appropriately titled Naughty! (1971), and it was followed by Sex and the Other Woman (1972), On the Game (1974), Adventures of a Taxi Driver (1976), Adventures of a Private Eye (1977) and Adventures of a Plumber's Mate (1978). Later, he directed the horror film Screamtime (1986), his last.