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Chelo Alonso


Born - 10 April 1933, Lugareno, Cuba
Died - 20 February 2019

Tempestuous, full-lipped, whirlwind performer with a mass of dark hair, nicknamed 'The Cuban H-Bomb'. Born Isabella Hernandez, she was a sensation as an 'exotic dancer' at the Folies Bergere in the 1950s. 'Discovered' for Italian films, she stole scenes in her first, Sign of the Gladiator (1958), and was kept furiously busy in sword-and-sandal/muscleman leading roles for the next two years before marriage to producer Aldo Pomilia in 1961 saw her output dwindle: Goliath and the Barbarians (1959), The Pirate and the Slave Girl (1959), Attack of the Moors (1959), Morgan, the Pirate (1960), Queen of the Tartars (1960), Son of Samson (1960), Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops (1961), Desert War (1962), The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966), Run, Man, Run (1968) and Night of the Serpent (1969), her last. Following Pomilia's death in 1986, she ran a hotel and restaurant.