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Jimmy Lydon


Born - 30 May 1923, Harrington Park, New jJrsey, USA
Died - 9 March 2022

Most of the long-lived Lydon's starring roles were around 70 years ago; but, under the guidance of this red-haired, gangling, guileless-looking American actor, 'Henry Aldrich' became the world's second-favourite wartime teenager after Mickey Rooney's Andy Hardy. From 1953, billed as James Lydon, he moved into character roles: Back Door to Heaven (1939), Brown in Tom Brown's Schooldays (1940), Henry Aldrich for President (1941), Henry Aldrich, Editor (1942), Henry Aldrich Haunts a House (1943), Henry Aldrich's Little Secret (1944, and others in the series), Strange Illusion (1945), The Affairs of Geraldine (1946), Life With Father (1947), An Old-Fashioned Girl (1948), Bad Boy (1949), When Wille Comes Marching Home (1950), Corky (1951), Island in the Sky (1953), The Desperado (1954), Rage at Dawn (1955), Battle Stations (1956), Chain of Evidence (1957), I Passed for White (1959), The Last Time I saw Archie (1961), Brainstorm (1965), Death of a Gunfighter (1969), Scandalous John (1971), Bonnie's Kids (1972) and Vigilante Force (1975), his last, although he continued acting in TV series until 1987. Much later, he appeared in the documentary Edgar G Ulmer - the Man Off-Screen (2004). His (second) wife Betty Lou died earlier this year after 70 years of marriage. Son-in-law of actor Bernard Nedell.