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Jackie Mason


Born - 9 June 1928, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA
Died - 24 July 2021

Short, fast-talking American nightclub comedian with curly reddish-brown hair whose one-man shows were often scathingly politically incorrect. Born Jacob Maza, and ordained as a rabbi in his earlier days before opting for a career in comedy, Mason was mostly seen on stage or in clubs, but there were a few film appearances down the years: The Stoolie (1972), The Jerk (1979), History of the World Part I (1981), Stiffs (1984), The Perils of P.K. (1986), Caddyshack II (1989), Blast 'Em (1992), Kids Are Punny (1998), One Angry Man (2010), Goldberg - P.I. (2011) and Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas (2017), his last. He died following respiratory problems.