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June Havoc


Born - 8 November 1913, Vancouver, Canada
Died - 28 March 2010

Glacial blonde singer, dancer and actress, the sister of Gypsy Rose Lee and steeped in showbusiness. Born Ellen Hovick in 1913 (some say 1912), her mother promoted her as the centre of a vaudeville act at the age of five, when she also began appearing in Harold Lloyd short films, the first being Hey There! in 1918. A hard-working actress but never quite a major star, her sultry looks were seen in feature films from 1941 with Four Jacks and a Jill. Later appearances included My Sister Eileen (1942), Hello, Frisco, Hello (1943), Brewster's Millions (1945), Intrigue (1947), Gentleman's Agreement (1947), The Story of Molly X (1949), Follow the Sun (1951) and Three for Jamie Dawn (1956). Then much TV and nightclub work, until Can't Stop the Music (1980), Return to Salem's Lot (1987) and The Accidental Tourist (1988), her last. She was three times married and divorced, latterly to director William Spier.