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Claudia Bryar


Born - 18 May 1918, Guymon, Oklahoma, USA
Died - 16 June 2011

Homely, bright-eyed character actress who came late to films and not surprisingly played mostly mothers and, later, old biddies - most notably Mrs Spool, dispatched by Anthony Perkins in Psycho II. She also made a number of film and TV westerns, mainly as women worn down by the land. Born Hortense Rizley, the daughter of a US Congressman, she was a stage actress until her late thirties, when she began to venture into TV and films: The Houston Story (1956), Giant (1956), The Wrong Man (1957), Teenage Frankenstein (1957), The True Story of Lynn Stuart (1958), then a huge amount of TV until Big Deal at Dodge City (1966), The Ride to Hangman's Tree (1967), The Shakiest Gun in the West (1968), Gaily, Gaily/Chigago, Chicago (1969), Bad Company (1972), Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies (1973), Suddenly, Love (1978) and Psycho II (1983), her last feature film. She continued to act on TV until 1986. She married the monumentally prolific character actor Paul Bryar (Paul Barrere, 1910-1985).