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Sammy Shore


Born - 16 March 1927, Los Angeles, California, USA
Died - 18 May 2019

American comedian with wide, thin-lipped smile, tightly-curled hair and prominent chin, who looked like a first cousin to UK comic Marty Feldman. A good friend of Elvis Presley, for whom he 'opened' for years in Las Vegas, the stand-up funster co-founded LA's famous Comedy Store, and began playing sporadic cameo roles in films in his thirties: The Bellboy (1960), Texas Across the River (1966), Thunder Alley (1967), History of the World Part I (1981), Fake Out (1982), Life Stinks (1991), Criminal Passion (1994), The Elevator (1996), Winding Roads (1999), Ed (2000), Walking the Walk (2005), Cougar Club (2007) and Unto Others (2019), his last. Father of comedian/actor Pauly Shore, he wrote an autobiographical book called The Man Who Made Elvis Laugh.